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Panama City, Panama

Your Business in the Cloud

At Barrdega we have a wide variety of solutions and applications available in the cloud, which have been designed to enhance your business.

Maximize your business model with P4 Books.

Allied to the leading business management cloud.

Cloud-based 100% Business Management Experience

Easy to enter

Becoming a partner of P4 books is extremely easy and fast. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Includes free support

Receive help from a team of experts always available

Competitive plans

We know that to create a solid relationship with our allies it is necessary to offer distribution plans that fit their business model.


By becoming our ally, we take care of the entire technical part, support and improvement process, with innovations available free of charge for all end customers.

Do all the purchasing cycle, from the planning until the reception of the merchandise and services, including, imports, costing and traceability of purchase orders.

Control inventory in multiple wineries and locations, managing transactions, batches, series, costs and physical takes.

Enable your sales with different channels, as ecommerce, point of sale, router and/or mobile devices with a powerful pricing, promotions and discounts engine.

Run billing from any of the sales channels or from recurring contracts meeting the tax and electronic billing requirements of Panama.

Manage the conversations, tasks and the accounts receivable of your clients.

Types of Partners

We offer the following alliance plans designed to enhance your market.


This type of ally allows you to offer P4 books at a competitive price and increase your income through our platform.

Accounting Firm

This type of ally is what P4 Books offers as an integrated solution to the services it provides in the management of accounting and operations of its clients.

Connect your accounting system to P4 Warehouse (Warehouse Management System), the interface is free of charge. Connected P4 Book (accounting) and P4 Warehouse (Warehouse Management System) provide you with a complete solution for your SME.

Your invoices in seconds

    • Generate your electronic invoices in just a few clicks.
    • Complies with all DGI requirements.
    • Get help from billing experts. Free!

Join the fastest electronic invoicing in the country with an assistant who will guide you step by step!

Accounting and Electronic Billing System Panama for your SME

Accounting system

Automate your accounting processes and generate electronic invoices wherever you are.

Customs System

Automate import and export customs processes

Warehouse management system

Automate processes in your warehouse, for a more efficient warehouse.

Fixed Asset System

Automate your fixed asset management process, fast and friendly RFID asset tracking.

Are you interested in becoming our partner?

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